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Denver Tango / Chamber Music

by elazarus3 on January 25, 2019

The Grand Tango Duo loves to play music! We are based near Denver, Colorado. We have performed locally in Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Keystone, Breckenridge and more areas around the Denver metro area. We are a great fit for Chamber Music Concert Series, and have performed in the Arts on Vine chamber music series and the Music With a Mission chamber music series as well.

We have performed with guests including Sheila Nesis, Jeremy Lazarus, Jurgen De Lemos (conductor of the Littleton Symphony Orchestra), and Natural Tango (Nicholas Jones & Diana Cruz).

We are available for bookings not only around Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and other outlying areas, but also throughout the state of Colorado. We also enjoy booking performances nationally and would love to hear from you about any opportunities.

While we specialize in the tango music of Astor Piazzolla, we also have a repertoire of tango music from other composers including Fred Hirsch and Jose Bragato.

More recently, we have added Jewish music to our repertoire including works by John Williams, Leon Sher, Leon Stein, Ethan Lazarus and Ernest Bloch. We have even been playing music from Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. In fact, these arrangements were some of the favorites in our recent concerts!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please click here to send a message directly to Carl and Ethan.

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